Class Yellow, it’s time to bid farewell.


This week is virtual Sports week with St. Brigids. You can engage in any activity that gets you up and moving. You could be creative and do an obstacle course, a balancing activity, a tumble. It can be as simple or as challenging as you choose. Make sure to send your pictures to me. I look forward to seeing them.

Oral language activity: Have a good look at the picture, observe it. Discuss it. Respond to the questions.

Maths: perhaps you could…

  • Time yourself doing activities.
  • Count reps and see if you can beat someone else in your family.
  • Keep a score if you a getting points for shooting hoops for example.
  • Keep record of a score.
  • make estimates- e.g. how many seconds do you think it will take you to run around your house?
  • Measure how far you can throw a ball.


SPHE: Can you sort the items into healthy and unhealthy activities.?

End of Year activities. Here is a chance for you to review your year and also to look at the year ahead.

Reading: Here is a lovely link to a nice book about school.