Class Red – Busy Bees

Here a few more activities you can try at home! I’d love to see photos of the boys and girls playing and doing activities at home to share! Please email them to


It is important our children are experiencing as much new vocabulary as possible. Try to read a story and sing nursery rhymes to your child everyday.

Continue to work on the letters we have learned in school (see previous post), focusing on one letter a day for 20 minutes max.

Teach Letter Formation with Soap-  another activity to try is to write letters in shaving cream or soap. Using multi-sensory strategies to work on letter formation can help kids remember the proper formation. Remember to provide instruction in proper letter formation and line placement and not just setting up a child with an activity and then letting them “play and write”.


Continue counting items around the house. You can find a lovely activity from this link There is an option to print the worksheet but it is just as easy to create it yourself with a paper, colours and some scissors! For this activity they will match and count numbers. To add challenge, increase the numbers to 10 or move on to 11-20, depending on the ability of your child.


P.E with Joe Wicks is only every weekday at 9.00am. You wan watch it live on his Youtube video or just play it back when you have the chance. It’s for 30 minutes and he sometimes does fancy dress (he was Spiderman one week, I know of one particular boy who would love it!!).

Other Activities

Linda has been busy with her two children and she has come across some activities that would be lovely for class Red.

LEGO Stamping: It’s Art with Bricks! You can find the instructions from this link. It’s a nice idea for those who don’t like the feel of paint to explore it in a different way.

A simple colour scavenger hunt. Again, you can get the instructions through this link This is a nice one for colour recognition.

If you have a colander and pipe cleaners at home, this Pipe Cleaner Fine Motor Skills Activity is a lovely task to practice hand-eye coordination and learn through play –

Finally, I saw this online and thought it was lovely. You are all doing your best, and from what I am hearing, your children are coping very well with everything that is going on. That’s what matters!