Class Green May 5th

Hi Everyone, Hope you are enjoying the Bank Holiday Monday. Here are some activities to keep you busy this week.


We are going to recap on capacity.

Group 1: Find a litre milk carton and use it to fill cups of water. Record the number of cups you can fill. Now find a smaller container that is less than 1 litre and see how many cups you can fill. Don’t forget to practice your new words -full,   empty, holds more, and holds less

Group 2: Find containers that hold a litre, 500 ml and 250 ml. Now fill the litre container with the others and record you answers. How many 250ml equals one litre?


Watch Joe Wicks The bodycoach live Mon-Fri at 9am:

Science: Go out into you garden and listen to the birds that visit. Can you spot any of the birds? Maybe you might see a robin or a blackbird or even a big crow. You might leave out some bread for them and fill a container with water so they can drink in this hot weather .You can read the story about the fox and the crow using this link:


May is the month when we think about Mary. Practice saying the prayer the Hail Mary with a parent

History: Draw a picture of your family and a grandparent and talk about how our grandparents help us and how we are looking forward to seeing them again.

English: This week we are reading Big Cat books they can be downloaded free from the link  Group 1 are reading the pink and red books Group 2 are reading green and orange books. These books are free to access and the directions are easy to follow. Click on the link and pick your colour you have two books to read for the week and two activities. If you find a book is too easy for you then try another colour.

Story : This week you can listen to  the story “A tale of two beasts” by Sarah Silverman read by an actress  by clicking on the link.

There are two parts to the story so you can chat about it to your parent after and see what you make of the story. You can draw a picture of the beasts or write a few sentences about these two strange beasts!!!

Can you say why the actress did picked this book and what is the message from the story??? It’s a strange story but I think you will enjoy it.

Music : Keep singing your songs with dreamenglish .com and this week we will sing the song about the weather Hope you enjoy .

Group 2 Keep up the good work with your spelling workbooks. I’m sure you are getting full marks in your tests on Fridays .