Class Green May 11th

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your time at home and getting some fresh air every day. Here are some activities to keep you busy this week.

English: This week we are reading Big Cat books they can be downloaded free from the link  Group 1 are reading the pink and red books Group 2 are reading green and orange books. These books are free to access and the directions are easy to follow. Click on the link and pick your colour you have two books to read for the week and two activities.

Group 1: Read “A Day Out “Level Red A and “All in a month “Level Red B There is an exercise for each book

Group 2: Read “Clementine the crocodile” and “First Day” from the orange books. There is an exercise to do for these books. Enjoy!

The following image displays instructions on how to access levelled readers for the children’s appropriate level. The readers are colour coded.


Friends and Friendships

Who are my friends?

Ask your child to talk about what it is that makes someone a friend. Someone who plays with me, shares their toys with me, likes doing the same things I like to do.

 Things I like to do with my friends. List some of the things we like to do with friends, for example, playing games, walking to school.

 What makes me a good friend? Talk about how we show friendship to others. Explore how do we make and keep friends, for example, helping others, including others in games, lending them toys, sharing with them.

Draw a picture of yourself and your friend together or write down your friend’s name and what you like to do together

Maths: This week we are going to practice reading the time on the clock.         

Group 1: Let’s look at the hours on the clock Look at the big and small and big hands and see where they are pointing for 4 o’clock or 8 o’clock. Write all the numbers from the clock down in a circle on a paper plate if you have one. Draw the hands for bed time or lunch time

Group 2: Practice telling the time to a quarter past the hour. Start to learn the time to a quarter to the hour. Write out the days of the week and learn to spell a new day each morning

PE: Tune into Joe Wicks each morning for some fun ways to keep fit.

Science: This week look out for some wild flowers in your garden or in the green area in your estate. If you are out in the country look out for wild flowers along the road. With the grass not being cut these days there are lots of flowers around. Can you see some dandelions, buttercups, or daisies? Draw a picture of the flower and mark in the stem, petals and roots.

Dandelions and Daisies | Dandelions and English Daisies (With ...