Class Green

Welcome back everyone . Hope you had a nice Easter . Here are some activities to keep you busy this week .

Group 1 : Maths

Continue to practice counting 1-20 . Use some spoons, toys , or pencils to count . Practice writing numbers and use your maths workbooks for extra practice . Do some simple addition to 10 with counters 2+5 = 3+4=

Log onto if you can for some fun games . Underwater counting is good .

Language and communication : to listen to a really good story called “Rabbit Ears ” by Amber Stewart . Listen to the story being read . After listening a few times ,talk about it with a parent . What was the rabbit’s name ? What did he not like to do ? Who came to stay ? What did Bobtail do in the bath ? Can you sing the song with Hopscotch? Don’t forget to write some News every day .

Music : Sing along with Matt to this Days of the Week song. Sing the alphabet song and other favourites. and sing this song about spring. Look out for signs of spring in your garden .

Group 2 : Maths

Practice counting in 5’s up to 50 . Write out the facts for counting in 5’s 5+5=2×5= 5+5+5= 3×5= Continue to practice your addition 12+ 29= Practice reading the clock to the hour and the half hour . Log onto Topmarks for some maths practice. Caterpillar ordering is a good game.

Language and Communication .

Start the next unit in your spelling work book and do an exercise every day . Don’t forget you spelling test on Friday ! Listen to the story “The Rainbow Fish” Talk about the story and write 5 sentences about the message in the story . Write some sentences of News each day , this will be like keeping a diary of your time at home .

Geography for everyone

This week we are going to look at houses in our area . Can you find a bungalow, a two-storey house , a semi-detached house , an apartment, a terrace ? Talk about these different types of houses . Look at how houses are built , windows -big or small , the roof , chimney,and the colour of the bricks. What kind of house do you live in ? Draw your house or draw some different types of houses .