Class Blue its Bake Off Week! 8th – 12th June (

Hello Class Blue. We are now entering the last 3 weeks of our Summer term and we have some exciting challenges for the whole school to take part in over the coming weeks. This week is Bake Off Week! All you have to do is bake a recipe, take a picture of it and email your picture to

I was very busy with my family at the weekend practicing my baking skills. We made a chocolate birthday cake for someone very special. Can you read the word on the cake and guess who it was for? 🙂

Mrs Gallagher has been posting a wide range of recipes on the following link Have a look at some of these recipes for inspiration or perhaps you have a recipe that is a personal favourite you would like to use. I am really looking forward to seeing some of your wonderful creations 🙂




Collins Big Cat - In the Boat: Band 01A/Pink A (Collins Big Cat)

Oral Language:

This is a fun game which can be played with someone from home or a small group of people at home. You will need to describe the object on the card to whoever you are playing with. If you have access to a printer you can print, cut out and place the cards in a pile face down. take the card at the top of the pile and try to describe the word and picture on the card. If you do not have access to a printer, simply choose one from the screen that you want to describe. Once you have had a turn describing the picture, then its your turn to guess the picture by listening to someone else description!


Can you remember what you baked for Bake Off Week? With some help and using the cooking word mat for guidance, can you complete the following recipe instruction activity. You can draw/stick pictures to complete each box also.


Continuing on from last week looking at money, have a look at the following interactive Toy Shop Mone Game There are two game modes. I suggest looking at the first where you use coins to make up varying amounts to buy the toys using one coin to begin with.

Continue matching euro coins using these matching cards to reinforce coin recognition

Lets go shopping! Set up a role play shop area and discuss the different types of shops you have visited and the role of those who work in a shop. For a shop till you can use play or real money and purses. You can also use equipment such as shopping bags, writing materials to make price labels, open/closed sign, scales, wrapping paper, telephone and appropriate materials for your type of shop e.g books, comics newspapers and magazines for a book shop. You must browse through the materials and describe what you like/dislike about the item before making a purchase. What do you need to make a purchase? How much does it cost? How many coins do you need to give the shopkeeper?

If you have a set of playing cards at home you can practice your addition. Place the cards face down and take it in turns to turn over 2 cards. Use the numbers on these 2 cards to create your addition sum and see if you can work out your answer. You can write your addition sums on your whiteboards (see below)

For those working on number recognition complete the following activities working on number to your ability e.g. focusing on numbers 1-3, numbers 1-10 or numbers 1-20


Perform a physical warm-up to ‘Wimoweh’, responding to the steady beat of the music

  • Look at the movements shown on ‘The lion sleeps tonight’ graphic (Step 1). Listen to the music and begin with a big stretch upwards. Perform the other actions in turn: clapping, wiggling fingers, patting legs, tapping feet, shrugging shoulders.
  • Make up your own movements to the beat
  • Create actions to the beat for you to follow as you listen again.

What next?

  • Make a sequence of actions to memorise, repeat and perform along with the music.
  • Give a performance of Wimoweh to family and friends via a video call, then teach your sequence to everyone so they can all can join in with the movements and singing!



Theme 9: Creation Lesson 2: God made us..we are special

Look at the poster below and use it to recall all the different parts of Creation. Think about who God wanted to take care of all of these things. Listen to the Creation Story Part III

Listen to the song ‘Thank you Lord for making me’

Discuss all the things that make you special and read the prayer below with someone at home


I hope you were able to practice your sprinting last week, this week you can practic the egg and spoon race for our virtual sports week at the end of June. I suggest replacing the egg with a potato


Have a lovely week, if you have any questions please email Looking forward to seeing some wonderful photographs!

Mrs Carnegie 🙂