Class Blue activities

Hello Class Blue!
I hope you are all keeping well in these strange and uncertain times, I can’t wait to see you all again!! Below are some activities and suggestions for you to do at home to keep your wonderful and creative imaginations busy. Our class have come so far this year and it is an absolute pleasure to spend time with you all. I miss your stories but most of all I miss your smiles. Please keep everyone safe and look after yourselves in the weeks ahead and keep up the hard work! Mrs. Carnegie x

Good Morning Song

Class blue love to sing! Every morning we begin our day with song and this sets us up for the day ahead. We begin with our good morning song to each child/adult in our room. Remember to use the lamb sign for good morning and hello.

Days of the Week Song

Days of the Week Signs

Months of the Year
Seasons song for Kids

How’s the Weather Song
The Feelings Song

Chat about today and discuss some of the things we know. For example:

Yesterday was Monday, today is Tuesday and tomorrow will be Wednesday. The month is March, the season is Spring and the weather is cloudy with some sunshine. Lunch in school on a Tuesday is Pasta Bolognese ?

Pupils can write this news into a news copy each day using freehand, hand over hand, or tracing over hi-lighter. Read the news together once writing is complete.

Alphabet Sounds and Letters – class blue listen to Jolly phonics. We make each letter sound and do the action to accompany each letter

  • Phonics – Phonics Play have some great phonics games for children and have released an account for home learning through using the username: march20 and password: home
  • We have been working hard on correct letter formation. Providing opportunities to practice letter formation is time well spent. Encourage recognition and practice of writing tall, short and tail letters. Please use the mini white boards and markers I sent home as these are a great reusable resource for writing activities. Other sensory activities that can be used for letter formation/writing is playdough, sand, cornflour, and shaving foam. The children can use these to practice writing their name and days of the week also.
  • A Spring diary would be a nice way to engage in a small amount of daily writing, this could be complemented by a picture taken on a camera or picture you would like to draw. Look out of the window each day and keep note of what your see. Better still, if the weather is nice get outside and keep note of something you can see, smell, hear, touch and taste ?. The children will be familiar with this as they each have a busy book in school. The busy books contain pictures of the children working or participating in different activities. We talk about the picture and what the child is doing. Together we construct a sentence or two explaining what is happening in the picture and the children will write the sentence freehand/hand over hand/tracing.
  • Bingo for colour recognition, letter recognition and dolch words is great fun and we enjoy playing this as a group!

For those working on Dolch List 1 and 2:

Mrs. Carnegie had a very special in her house yesterday, can you guess what it was?

Bring the Zoo to your home! Type an animal’s name into Google, scroll down and press view in 3D. the animal of your choice will appear in 3D on your screen and you can take pictures/videos with the animal and have some fun! My favourite animal is the penguin, what is yours? Can you take a picture of your favourite animal in 3D and tell me some information about this animal? What is it called, where does it live, what colour is it, what does it like to eat?

Have fun and I hope you are all helping out at home the way you do in class. We are great at tidying up our tables when we are finished our work and putting away all resources we have used, we put our dishes in the sink after our breakfast and put our rubbish in the bin after snack, we hang up our own coats when we come in from outside and we all take turns with the recycling each day! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at ?