Inisturk Work, 30th March – 3rd April

Inisturk Work, 30th March – 3rd April

Week 30th March – 3rd April 2020
All work can be accessed on SEESAW
MathsCounting in Units of 5 
Estimation Continued
Percentages (VAT, Sale Prices Revised) 
Reading Time 
Addition  – Daily 10 
CommunicationHoles Novel read chapters 38 -40 – see chapter summaries and answer comprehension questions
Create your own poster.
Newspaper article and comic – see link on Seesaw
Record yourself reading a page of Holes and post it on Seesaw
Book Ideas HubWrite an acrostic poem on Kindness
Computer LiteracyTyping Practice  – / BBC Dance Mat Typing Poster Design – Computer Hygiene & Hand Washing 
Personal Effectiveness5 Things you need to know about Me
Share Acts of Kindness
Reflecting on Me
My Responsibilities
Career PreparationComprehension – Job Advertisement 
ReligionFamily Prayer – The Rosary
Learn Glory Be to the Father 
GAISCEGet moving – PE Driving Theory 
Creative SchoolsChallenge 2

Inisturk Class Work 23rd-27th March 2020

Week 23rd -27th March 2020
All work can be accessed on SEESAW
Place value basketball –
Time – clocks
Count in 5s
Money Problems 
CommunicationsHoles Novel read chapters 36 & 37  and answer comprehension questions
Personal details
VIP Comprehension
Book Ideas Hub
BBC Dance Mat Typing 
Poster Design Activity 
Personal EffectivenessAll about my selfie
Life behind the camera
Career PreparationWorking as part of a team
ReligionFamily Prayer – The Rosary 
GAISCEGet Moving – PE
Driving Theory
Creative SchoolsChallenge 1


Hi Inisturk students, I hope everyone is keeping well.

Log onto seesaw to find chapter summaries for our novel, Holes & complete comprehension questions in the folder you took home.

Stay safe,

From Mrs O’Hanlon