Hello again from the Garden (3)

Hello again from the garden (2)

(B) Now sow your seed (see attached)

  1. Fill your container with compost (or soil, if you have none) then level and firm with your hand ( this is so the seeds don’t fall through the compost).
  2. Sow the seeds on top of the compost. If they are large, you can push them into the soil. Otherwise cover them by sprinkling a little compost over them.
  3. Write the name and date on your label, and insert into container.
  4. Water the seeds evenly.
  5. Place on a sunny window sill.

Hello from the Garden (1)

It’s time to sow some seed

(A) So gather your materials ( see attached)

  1. Recycled containers (if using loo rolls, just push some kitchen paper into the bottom and stand it in a container.
  2. Compost or soil (remove any stones so it’s nice and fine).
  3. Seeds eg sunflower ( you’ve probably received some in the post by now).
  4. A watering bottle (ask an adult to pierce some holes in the cap by heating a clothes hanger with a candle flame or use a drill).
  5. Labels ( cut strips off a used milk carton) and marker.

Hi Everyone

I hope you all had a nice weekend with your family.This week we will make some lovely pizzas.So I want you to check the cupboards for the following ingredients and if you dont have them ask the person doing the shopping to get them.All are cheap as chips and would make a nice treat for the family {much nicer than Dominos}!!! You need : plain flour/dried yeast/tomato passata/oregano/tomato paste/cheese(mozzarella)and what ever toppings everyone likes.

Dont forget to write all your tasks you have completed into your diary to show me when we see other again. Ok now some work for you…….


When you are checking for your ingredients I want you to check the use by dates on 5 different foods in the fridge and the best before date on 5 different foods in the cupboard .Write your findings into your diary.Click here to get some information on food stuff dates.

For anyone missing their chippy chips follow this link to make your own.