Some photos from my kitchen.

Good morning ..its pizza day!!

Hope you are keeping well and taking a little bit of exercise and fresh air a few times each day.It is also very important to exercise your mind and look after your mind. Here is a little exercise Id like you to try to keep your mind exercised!click here to listen to it. Don,t worry if you cant do it,It takes a few times !

Lets get cooking….

Click here to make a virtual pizza today.

REMEMBER keep doing your little tasks around the house.See previous posts for the list.

If the bin needs taking out make sure the hands are covered or washed immediately afterwards.

Hello again from the garden (2)

(B) Now sow your seed (see attached)

  1. Fill your container with compost (or soil, if you have none) then level and firm with your hand ( this is so the seeds don’t fall through the compost).
  2. Sow the seeds on top of the compost. If they are large, you can push them into the soil. Otherwise cover them by sprinkling a little compost over them.
  3. Write the name and date on your label, and insert into container.
  4. Water the seeds evenly.
  5. Place on a sunny window sill.

Hello from the Garden (1)

It’s time to sow some seed

(A) So gather your materials ( see attached)

  1. Recycled containers (if using loo rolls, just push some kitchen paper into the bottom and stand it in a container.
  2. Compost or soil (remove any stones so it’s nice and fine).
  3. Seeds eg sunflower ( you’ve probably received some in the post by now).
  4. A watering bottle (ask an adult to pierce some holes in the cap by heating a clothes hanger with a candle flame or use a drill).
  5. Labels ( cut strips off a used milk carton) and marker.

good morning !

I hope you are all doing well.Remember this is not easy for any of us.Everyone is missing everyone.Make sure you take lots of photos ,yours may the winner.!!!(see yesterdays post)

Now a bit of work…..The Food Pyramid is our guide to a healthy balanced diet.Click here to look at it. Here is a poster if you have a printer I want you to make your own over the next few days using old magazines .Ask the person who is shopping to pick up some food promotion leaflets over the next few days (Aldi, Lidl, Supervalue, Dunns,etc) Draw a triangle as large as you can.Using what you have is fine.I have been told that Mr Price is still open but not sure.Follow the example of the link above,when you have it finished, you could put it on your fridge.(photo opportunity!!) I also have a food groups game for you to play.You will also enjoy watching this video.The Eatwell plate is also a guide to healthy eating. You can have a look at it here. Remember you can access all these sites by clicking on the words in blue.

Have a nice day and remember to be kind.Practice some of your your tasks I have already given you.

Hello Dalkey!

I hope you and your families are all well and keeping busy.

The following work is for this week. It may take you longer and go over into next week. That’s fine. Remember, pace yourself and don’t bust yourself!

NOW… let’s talk a little bit about keeping busy.

A Keeping Busy Schedule

The following schedule is from the Irish Educational Psychology Service. You don’t have to follow it exactly but it is a good starting point.

The idea is that even though we are not in a school routine at the moment we should try to make a positive home routine for ourselves. Please download the schedule for yourselves. If you can, print it out and fill it in. Try and stick to a daily routine. It’s good for the head! 😁

Excited Despicable Me GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
More Work! I’m Sooooooo Happy!

Try not to…

  1. Stay in bed all morning.
  2. Sit in your bed gear all-day.
  3. Watch telly all day until late.
  4. Play Games all day until late.
  5. Eat whenever.
Oh No Reaction GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
No, no, no, no, no…

Now, of course, none of you would dream of it… So here’s some more work to fill the ‘school-work’ parts of your busy days!

For Aaron, Ann-Marie, Michelle and Anthony…

Unfortunately due to the Government’s new restrictions, I can’t get work-packs out to you at the moment Aaron, Ann-Marie, Michelle and Anthony because the school is closed. So I have included some online links to free websites to keep you going. (The last one is a Document and is only of use to you if you can print it out. Otherwise, leave it.)

The following website is National Geographic Kids and it is full of lovely pictures of animals and places. There are games and quizzes too. Browse away!

This website is for maths! You have to set up an account so get someone to help. It takes a few days to register. Select work at around the 7 to 9 years of age folks!

This next link is for David Walliams who is reading one of his books for you. How kind!

The next three sites are for online art and colour. Try all of them and see which one you like best. The last one is Disney.

This last website is for online book reading. It’s really nice.

This is the Document I told you about. You can Download it but be careful not to hit print on the whole booklet because its over 30 pages long! If you can, print out a few pages every now and then…

For Adam, Conor, Craig, Cumar, Dean, Niall and Patrick.

Before we begin gentlemen, do feel free to browse one or two of the links above.

Bbc Yes GIF by Top Gear - Find & Share on GIPHY
Yes, indeed…


This next link is to an audiobook website called Scribd. You usually have to pay to listen to their books but they are offering 30 days free for the moment.

Click the following link and it will bring you to an audio telling of a truley classic tale written by American author, Ernest Hemmingway. It is a story about an old man going to sea to fish. It is about being on your own and yet rising to the challenge in front of you. Written in a simple but powerful style we learn about the old fisherman, about his life and what drives him to never give up no matter how hard the situation.

This next site is also for audio books. It’s called Audible and is free for as long as schools are closed. I have no particular recommendation from it so browse away.

This next link is to free concerts that are being broadcast online. Browse whatever style you like tune in and… what’s the rest of that famous quote?

Now to business. This next link is to a Level 3 free online maths book. Though challenging enough, the book is laid out and explained well. To begin with I only want you to try chapter 1 which is about statistics- a subject very relevant for the current times.

This last link is a download of a Word document I want you to complete. Save it in your Dalkey Work folder on your Desktop. Complete the work in the document and hit the quick save icon as you work through it.

Remember! If you are stuck contact me on the following gmail address:

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(for the moment, anyway)

Keep Safe Everyone!

Shout out to all our great (phone)photographers!

The association of Teachers of Home Economics is running a photo competition . HOME ECONOMICS AT HOME 2020 .They want you or someone in the house to take a photo of you capturing cooking/baking/sewing/fabric care/well being/consumer studies/healthy living/family &community.

up load it to….#Homeeathome twitter account with your name and name and address of school.

There is a cash prize for you and your teacher!!!ahumm school I mean.

Inisturk Work, 30th March – 3rd April

Week 30th March – 3rd April 2020
All work can be accessed on SEESAW
MathsCounting in Units of 5 
Estimation Continued
Percentages (VAT, Sale Prices Revised) 
Reading Time 
Addition  – Daily 10 
CommunicationHoles Novel read chapters 38 -40 – see chapter summaries and answer comprehension questions
Create your own poster.
Newspaper article and comic – see link on Seesaw
Record yourself reading a page of Holes and post it on Seesaw
Book Ideas HubWrite an acrostic poem on Kindness
Computer LiteracyTyping Practice  – / BBC Dance Mat Typing Poster Design – Computer Hygiene & Hand Washing 
Personal Effectiveness5 Things you need to know about Me
Share Acts of Kindness
Reflecting on Me
My Responsibilities
Career PreparationComprehension – Job Advertisement 
ReligionFamily Prayer – The Rosary
Learn Glory Be to the Father 
GAISCEGet moving – PE Driving Theory 
Creative SchoolsChallenge 2

Hi Everyone

I hope you all had a nice weekend with your family.This week we will make some lovely pizzas.So I want you to check the cupboards for the following ingredients and if you dont have them ask the person doing the shopping to get them.All are cheap as chips and would make a nice treat for the family {much nicer than Dominos}!!! You need : plain flour/dried yeast/tomato passata/oregano/tomato paste/cheese(mozzarella)and what ever toppings everyone likes.

Dont forget to write all your tasks you have completed into your diary to show me when we see other again. Ok now some work for you…….


When you are checking for your ingredients I want you to check the use by dates on 5 different foods in the fridge and the best before date on 5 different foods in the cupboard .Write your findings into your diary.Click here to get some information on food stuff dates.

For anyone missing their chippy chips follow this link to make your own.