Red – Good Morning Song

Red – Good Morning Song

Here is the Good Morning song the children and I sing every morning in school. It might be nice if you could play it with your child and get them to join in singing and/ or signing!

Again, if you have any questions, would like some support or would like to share videos or photos with me, please email – S. Donlon

Class Red – Activities

Hello boys and girls in Class Red. Hope you are all having lots of fun, playing lots and are keeping safe at home. Missing you all! If parents have any questions or would like support with anything, please email me, I’d be more than happy to try and help. I’d also love to see pictures of the activities you’ve been getting up to with your families!

With the beautiful weather we have been getting, a lovely outdoor learning activity is decorating your name using different materials you can find outside (either in your garden or a safe outdoor space). Collect different materials and then stick them onto your name on a page – see my example.

Here are a few more ideas of activities you can get up to during the week, only IF you have similar materials at home.

Explore using a fork and paint to make prints.

Practice sticking and for some, cutting skills by sticking different coloured pieces of paper onto a fish or any simple design.

Using paper plates to create dinosaurs and tropical fish.