Sherkin – reading

Sherkin – reading

Reading books:

Sherkin students really enjoy exploring books.

Each week we visit the school library, each student selects a book and enjoys having it read to them.

Twice a term, we catch the service bus and travel down to the public library, were we select books that will support our classroom topics.

Each week students choose and take home 2 reading books.

We sent home a selection of reading books before we finished up but I’m sure you are ready for a change of books.

***For digital access to the reading books we use please Log into ‘Collins Connect’

Click on the ‘teacher sign in’

User name:

Password: Parents20!

Big cat books are graded from pink to lime, fiction and non fiction.

Reading Advice

Remember to have a quick chat about the books pictures/illustrations as an introduction.

A few comprehension questions at the end will help to clarify if your son/daughter understands what he/she is reading or has listened to.

Always encourage your child to ‘have-a-go’ at sounding out a word or using a Lamh sign. Wait a few seconds and if they remain stuck then prompt them.

Sample questions to stimulate thinking:

1. Why do you think …… ?

2. How do you know……?

3. Can you retell the story in your own words / Lamh sign……?

4. How do you think the main character is feeling when…..?

5. Could you think of a different ending …?

6. Tell me about the three main parts to the story….. ?

(start, middle, end)

Sherkin – Potatoes

Morning Sherkin students. I made a quick run into school the other day and rescued our growing potatoes and vegetables. Its just incredible how much they have come on in a short amount of time. I am looking forward to seeing how all your Potatoes and sun flowers are coming along.

Our developing vegetable seedlings
Sprouting Potatoes

Incredible Edibles

Sherkin Class

On our last day in school, Sherkin students worked very hard to get all our Incredible Edibles potatoes and veg planted.

We drilled holes in the bottom of our recycled food containers that we sourced from a local food producer. Next we half filled the buckets and sacks with compost, then we planted the seed Potatoes we received from Hickeys farm in Ardee. Finally we used the watering can tops supplied in the Incredible Edible kits, to water our potatoes.

We sent Sun flower seeds and a few seed Potatoes home with each student. I will try to upload photos and related worksheets. I encourage you all to plant your Sun flowers and Potatoes, link in with the website –

Sherkin p.2

Suggested activities

  • Practice cutting / scissors skills
  • Investigate household items – do they float / sink / roll etc.
  • Hide something and make a treasure map to find it
  • Build a fort
  • Clean your bathroom
  • Unload the dishwasher
  • Hand wash the dishes
  • Write (trace / copy) a letter / draw a picture and post to a family member
  • Share / listen to a book together – access the ‘Sora’ online library – login details sent home in folder
  • Plant the potatoes and sun flower seeds we sent home in folder
  • Check out the twinkl website for worksheets to support these activities – free access details sent home in folder
  • Down load the ‘grid player’ app to support communication
  • Check out the Lamh website
  • Don’t forget Mothers day and Easter activities / crafts – lots of ideas online
  • Cuddle up and watch the odd movie
  • Turn the tablets off

** We hope and pray that we all get to have fun and interact again in Sherkin class as soon as it is safe to do so.

M. Harris, Niamh and Eileen.

Suggested activities p.1


Suggested home based activities for Sherkin students.

18th March 2020

  • Select 3 or 4 activities to do each day.
  • Please try to establish a solid daily routine.
  • Break activities up with physical movement – check out RTE 10@10 and youtube: Go Noodle copy and repeat dances ‘ pop see ko’ ‘banana, banana meatball’ also the learning stations ‘move and freeze’,  ‘boom chicka boom’ and many others.
  • Please keep students requesting items and communicating directly /using full sentences and Lamh sign as much as possible.
  • Bake a cake / buns
  • Sing the alphabet song
  • Make some junk art
  • Make your bed
  • Fold your clothes
  • Match socks
  • Play in the garden
  • Sort some toys by size
  • Help to write a shopping list
  • Do a shape hunt around the house
  • Practice tying laces / putting on shoes and socks
  • Help to make lunch /dinner
  • Sort toys by colour
  • Play shop and exchange coins