Let’s Get Rocking Inisbofin!

Let’s Get Rocking Inisbofin!

Hi Everyone!

It is taking me time to get used to this technology! Hopefully I will get better as the days go on. Lets try and liven things up with some music. Remember all the work we did with Mary?

Let us practice putting rhythm to the music. I know we played the drums in school so lets try and find another way to play our music. You can clap out the rhythm, tap it out on your knees or even get a saucepan from the kitchen and use a wooden spoon. Perhaps you could make a drum and drum stick from something in the recycling bin? Use your imagination.

Click on the link below, sing and play along. Enjoy the music and encourage your family to join in! the more the merrier! Get the house rocking!!

Inisbofin Number Work


A bag of sugar weighs 1kg. Can you find ten items of food in your press/fridge that weigh less than 1kg and more than 1kg. Make a list of these items. There are 1000g in a kg!

Practice your number bonds on topmarks.co.uk game hit the button. I think you will like this. Practice for 20 minutes a day. Once you are able to move on to the next level. This game will really help speed up your mental maths.

Good luck!

Inisbofin Language Work


Language Work

Continue writing your diary every day. You can type your diary if it suits you and you want to. You can then email into me at cfarrell@stbrigids.net If you prefer just hand write them out.

Punctuation work.

Take 5 sentences a day and write them out putting in the correct punctuation. Remember that you need a capital letter for the name if someone, the name of a place and the beginning of a sentence. You need a full sop at the end of a sentence and a question mark after a question.

Read for 20 minutes every day if you can.

Please write out the following sentences using the correct punctuation.

  1. today is wednesday
  2. i like to go to the cinema
  3. mary and tom are in the same class
  4. i go to st.brigids school
  5. where is the nearest shop
  6. the film was very good
  7. how much does that cost
  8. ann said that the party will be on tuesday
  9. dublin is the capital of ireland
  10. it is john’s birthday today
  11.          mammy’s does the shopping in aldi
  12. donald trump is the president of america
  13. mrs ward is the principal of st.brigid’s
  14. my friend barry lives in dundalk
  15. where are you going
  16. paris is the capital of france
  17. mrs mc cabe teaches blasket
  18. my favourite season is winter
  19. i love christmas
  20. it will be easter very soon
  21. what is your phone number
  22. when is it your birthday
  23. please set the table
  24. did you see my pen
  25. today is friday

Inisbofin. Personal Care & Relaxation!

Hi Everyone,

I have posted all of you a letter with a little present! In it you will find a packet of seeds.

Gardening is a lovely way to relax and the weather is so good so take some time and do a spot of gardening!

Read the packet of seeds and follow the instructions!

Take pictures of your flowers as they grow.

You can email in your photos in time if you want. My email is cfarrell@stbrigids.net

Draw a picture of a plant in your copy. Label the following parts.

petal, flower, stem, leaf and roots.

Inisbofin Class Suggestions

Writing Activity.

During this time of isolation keep a diary of what life is like for you and your family. Write in the things you do to keep yourself occupied and how you are feeling. If you want you can type this diary. If you prefer just write it. You can add to your own diary by drawing a picture or adding in photos you take. Do your best, one or two sentences or maybe a a couple of paragraphs. I will enjoy reading these diaries when I get them. Hopefully Soon

Develop an Awareness of Length

  1. Use a ruler to draw lines showing 3cm, 8cm, 12cm, 17cm, 5cm & 10cm.
  2. Measure the length of things in your home. E.G the width of your front door, the length of your kitchen table, the length of your post box. Measure 10 different things in your home and write down what you measured and the length of them. You can use a measuring tape if your family have one, if not use the palm of your hand to measure things. How many hands long is each item.

Personal Care

Watch this simple experiment to show how soap helps wash germs away. After you watch the clip try it out for yourself. Remember at this time it is very important that everyone washes their hands regularly and washes them correctly

Hand Washing Technique
Watch the clip and then make sure to wash your hands correctly & regularly.

Preparing for Work
Part of preparing for leaving school and becoming more independent is about each of you taking more responsibility for yourselves and your belongings. During this time off school help out at home. Below are a list of jobs that you can to do to achieve this independence!
Make your bed each morning and keep your room tidy.
Fill the dish washer,
Empty the dishwasher
Match clean socks and help tidy away clean clothes.
Find out how to put a wash on in the washing machine. Put one wash on every week. (Get help!)
If possible get photos of yourself doing these tasks and show me when you return.

It is important to get out and get some fresh air when you can and do some exercises.
Joe Wick’s youtube channel will do PE activities you can join in with.

Read for 20 minutes at least every day
www.topmarks.co.uk is a nice website for maths and english. You can find some nice things to read here and some maths problems suitable for all levels.
If you can take plenty of photos of what you get up to and maybe if you have someone that can help you could use them to make a short story using book creator or animoto.