Week 30th Mar – 3rd April.

Hello folks , hope you enjoyed your weekend and you are staying at home. Continue with euro work if not finished. Do 2 pages of euro worksheets each day and then start on length for next week.

TEAM ARSENAL – 1 Start with the measurement pack identifying shortest, longest tallest, shortest

2 Create a shape using a ruler, practice using a ruler before you measure using one.

3 You can try measuring using non standard units of measurement, they mention on worksheets using cubes but you could use pegs / bottle lids/ paper strips/batteries, get thinking about what you could use.

The class email is , contact me and I will send you DOLCH reading for week 30th mar – 3rd april for your child.


TEAM LIVERPOOL / or (FORTNITE TEAM) – START WORK HERE. Watch the powerpoint on how to use the ruler first.

1 Watch this powerpoint before you use the ruler. then do worksheet

2 Guess items longer than 15cm, compare measurements in cm and m. the answer sheets are at the back so don’t sneak, have a go and check your answers.

3 Try to compare measurements using different units of measurement. m cm. Answers at back so yet again, have a go before you check answers.

Continue with THE DARE Read ch 4 & 5 and complete the questions sheets sent home. REMEMBER Read with your child.

Send me an email and I will be able to forward you the question sheets from ch 6 onwards.

I will be in touch again during the week. Take care and remember to do what your parents are asking you to do. Take care.

GMcCabe & Denise.

Blasket : Carrot update

The week before we left school, we planted carrot seeds. I took the pots home and here is a picture of the plants starting to grow. I will keep you updated on their progress.

Have a nice weekend with your family. Enjoy the good weather.

GMcCabe & Denise

Carrot’s growing in my hall.


Hello Folks,

I hope you are keeping well. This will be our new way of communicating with you. Keep yourselves busy and do school work each day Mon – Fri to keep yourself in a routine. Continue with the work I sent home, here is a plan of how much you do each day.

Do 2 pages of euro worksheets each day.

Pick 2 fine motor skills activities each day, tick off on the chart.

DOLCH reading – Read 2 sheets and fill in the missing words on each sheet.

CONCEPTS worksheets, cut and paste.

Multiplication worksheets, do ten questions each day.

THE DARE – Read and complete worksheets on Ch1,2,3 this week.

I will be in contact again with additional work for next week. KEEP SAFE.

G McCabe & Denise