Blue 2nd – 5th June (

Welcome back Class Blue! I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend and enjoyed that beautiful weather. I am really looking foward to our zoom catch up tomorrow. If you would like to bring something to ‘Show and Tell’ your friends, I would love to see and hear all about it!

Here are some suggested activities for the week ahead. I would really like to see some pictures of what you have been getting up to at home. Please email me at with any questions or work you complete. Have a lovely week! 🙂


This week we will be focusing on money. Have a look at the following euro coin word mat. Discuss the different coins and discuss their colour, size and shape.

Use plastic money to begin and then real money to become used to handling real coins. Can you transfer the coins from one purse to another?

Have a look at the coins up closely using a magnifying glass. If you do not have a magnifying glass, lets make one 🙂

Cut off the rounded top part of a clear plastic bottle, fill it with water and look through the water like in the picture below

Use your magnifying glass to look at the coins. What picture can you see on the coin? What number can you see on the coin? Next, create some coin rubbings using a crayon and paper, or make some coin prints using play dough

Now lets match some coins. Have a look at the worksheet below and see if you can point to the correct piggy bank for each coin. Remember to look at the number on each coin for clues!

Have some fun with this interactive coin matching activity



Continue to access the free eBooks from the Collins Big Cat primary reading programme. I have attached the links of two books for you to look at this week and complete the accompanying online worksheet resource.


Have a look at some Summer Lamh Signs

Mr Sun song

Oral Language Poster: Summer

We are now in the lead up to the Summer holidays and what beautiful weather we are having! Have a look at the poster below. What can you see in the poster? This family are enjoying the Summer weather, what do you like to do in the Summer?

Use the following questions as a guide to discuss the poster also:


Summertime is great for the outdoors. Go for a walk.  Write a sentence about the walk you went on. Take this scavenger hunt list with you on your walk. Can you find everything on this list? Write them down by copying from print, tracing or hand over hand. Maybe you would like to draw a picture of something you see on your walk. I’d love to see some of your sentences or pictures. Please email them to

Use the following ‘sun’activity to keep practicing your name and words from your dolch list


Watch the following presentation on ‘what plants need to grow’ and complete the attached activity on parts of a plant. Alternatively you can recreate your own plant from items you collect on your Summer walk/scavenger hunt and label the parts of your plant like in the sample pictures below


Theme 9: Creation

Watch the following short video clip on Creation

Having listened to the story, think about the following questions: What did God create first? Why do you think God wanted to make the world? Why didn’t God leave things as they were, with no light, no animals and no plants? How do you think God felt about all the things he created?

Think about all the wonderful gifts of the world that God created. Complete the activity below to show your favourite tree/plant/flower, your favourite land animal and your favourite sea creature. You can draw a picture of each of these, write a sentence or look for pictures in a magazine or paper to stick.



Here are some fun plant art activities for you to try


Listen to the song ‘Can you plant a bean dance’ Watch the actions and see if you can combine the actions with the song. The song gets faster and faster so you will need to move quickly to keep up! 🙂


I hope you all enjoyed yoga time last week with Cosmic kids. Here is a fun game you can play with your family. Listen carefully to the instructions and what Simon is telling you to do. Maybe you could make up you own game and change Simon’s name to your name. For example, Mrs Carnegie says jump up and down 5 times 🙂

Our school will be taking part in our first ever Virtual Sports Day! You will be able to take some pictures of you participating in your own sports day games and email them to me. I know class blue are all very good at running so perhaps you could practice you sprinting this week. The information below will give you some tips on how to sprint run 🙂

Have a lovely week and if you have any questions, email

Mrs Carnegie 🙂