Blue 25th – 29th May

Happy Monday Class Blue! I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I am missing you all very much. Here are some suggested activities for the week ahead. Please email me if you have any questions. Also, I would really like to see some pictures of any work or other activities you are doing at home. There are some fabulous pictures on the school website and Facebook page of St Brigid’s students working so hard! Let’s get some pictures of our wonderful Class Blue also 🙂 Email


Continue to use the Collins Big Cat resource for online reading books and worksheet activities. Have a look at the book below (The Farmer’s Lunch) found in the pink reading band. Complete the free downloadable worksheet to use alongside the story.

Follow ‘Lamh with Lou and Larry’ and visit the farm to sign keywords FARM, TRACTOR, HORSE, COW, PIG AND CHICKEN .

Listen to book Grandad’s Farm Discuss and answer the following questions

Draw a picture of what you would see at a farm. You can use the books you read to help you or you can think of your own personal experiences. Have you ever been on a farm? Do you know anyone who lives/works on a farm? Is there a farm near your house? Write a sentence or words describing your picture.

Continue working on prepositions. Look at the following farm poster and listen to the instructions to find the position of each animal

Here is a fun interactive game on farm animals – ‘What am I?’ Click on the farmers for clues 🙂


Continuing on with length from last week, look at the PowerPoint below on Long and Short. Can you find the answers to the prompt questions?

Collect some items around your home/outside and create a poster with short/shorter items on one half and long/longer items on the other half. Below are some ideas of ordering length activities. I would love to see pictures of your posters, please email them to me at

Continue exploring addition in numbers 1-10. Use some polystyrene cups like the picture below to help you create your sums. Write them down onto your whiteboard once you have found your answer.

Complete the following instruction activity below using 2D shapes to create some farm animals. If you cannot print the shape pages, cut out some 2D shapes on white paper and use the picture on the screen to help you position your shapes to create the animals. Colour in your animals once complete. Look carefully to see where each shape goes. Can you remember the names of the shapes?

Animal 2D shape activities


This week we will look at the farm. Watch the following PowerPoint all about Farm Animals.

Think about the following questions:      

Why do pigs like to roll in the mud? How are chickens and geese the same?  What are your favourite foods we get from cows? Why?  If you could be a farm animal which one would you be? Why? If you had a farm what kind of animals would you have?

Where does milk come from???

Each day in school we use cartons of milk. Can you remember what we add milk to in school? Where is the milk stored in school? What time of the day do we use the milk?

Lets look at where milk come from

Lets Make a Milkshake!

Ask someone at home to take pictures of you making your milkshake. Once finished see if you can remember what you did first by sequencing your pictures in the correct order. If you cant take pictures, maybe you could draw a picture to show what you did. I think they will be delicious! 🙂


Yoga time on The Farm! Cosmic kids yoga combines mindfulness and relaxation for children. Watch the following interactive adventure which builds strength, balance and confidence. Sing along and have some fun 🙂


Create some paper plate craft sheep, footprint carrots, handprint chickens, handprint pigs and chicks in eggs using the link below


Theme 8: Jesus is still with us, Lesson 3 Go and share the Good News

Listen to the following story about how the Holy Spirit helps Jesus’ friends

Think of the best news that you have heard. Talk to mum or dad about this news and write it down with help. Start your sentence with ‘The best news I have ever heard was…..’

Lets Think

How did the good news make you feel? Did you tell anyone else the news? If so who did you tell? Do you think that we should share good news? Why/why not?

As we enter the last week of May, the month of Mary lets practice the Hail Mary


Learn farm animal sounds with this super fun song ‘The Animals on the Farm.’

Listen to this song to learn about directional words, spatial concepts and positional words with animals on the farm. Find out which farm animals are below, above, back, front, left, right, inside, outside, up, down, between and all around Jack.

Have a lovely week

Mrs Carnegie