Blue 22nd -30th June (

Hello Class Blue!!

We are now entering our third week of whole school virtual activities. Having completed baking week and gardening week, our next challenge is VIRTUAL SPORTS WEEK!! Are you ready for some fun? This will be a fun way of you competing against each other at home as well as maintaining your physical health and well-being. Please send me your pictures/videos of your Virtual Sports Week activities for our school to showcase! I have posted suggested sports activities over recent weeks however please feel free to choose whatever sports activities you would like to participate in. I have been practicing the potato and spoon race 🙂



Oral Language


Letter Formation

An aeroplane-themed handwriting demonstration tool

1. Choose a night or day sky, (useful for dim projectors).
2. Choose cursive or printed letter formation.
3. Choose the letter you wish to practise.
Then watch the jet make your letter in smoke.

NB: You can select the smoke colour. Have fun!


Hanging Monkeys – A game where you need to match the picture to the three letter word

Name Recognition


This week we will continue looking at capacity. Explore capacity by filling and emptying containers with rice. Can you put the containers in the correct order from most full to least full?

Here is an interactive game on capacity to help you practice your knowledge on more,less,full and empty

Estimate and Measure – Fill a litre jug with water or rice. Using a plastic cup, guess how many cups you can fill using the liter jug. After you have guessed, measure the contents of the jug into the cups to see if you were correct. Repeat for all the items to fill in the worksheet below.

Number Recognition, fine motor skills and balance co-ordination

  • Cut paper towel cylinders into sections. Number each one
  • Glue them to a shallow box
  • Aim to get the pompom/small ball through the tunnels in the correct order
  • Have fun!


This week we will be learning all about Minibeasts and their habitats.

What is a habitat?

habitat is the home of an animal or a plant. Almost every place on Earth—from the hottest desert to the coldest ice pack—is a habitat for some kinds of animals and plants. Most habitats include a community of animals and plants along with water, oxygen, soil or sand, and rocks. Have a look at the PowerPoint below about minibeasts and their habitats

Activity – Now, lets see what you can remember! Cut out the minibeasts and their names and place them in their natural habitats


Water Colour Painting techniques – click on the link below to explore a variety of water colour art techniques

Tissue Paper Tie Dye – Click on the link below and discover how to create your own tissue paper tie dye art.


Listen and play – Minibeasts

Bug’n Roll


Theme 10: Following the Law of Love

As we approach the end of our school year, lets take some time to think about and thank all the key workers who have been working through tough times to help and support us all. With your family say the following prayer and complete the colouring activity.


I hope you all have a lovely week. Please email your pictures to me at or if you have any questions, please get in contact

Mrs Carnegie 🙂