Blue 18th – 22nd May

Hello class blue, I hope you are all keeping well! Here are some suggested activities for the week. If you have any queries or would like to send me some pictures of your work please email I would love to hear from you πŸ™‚


Listen to the following link telling the story of the ‘Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water’

Oral Language Activity – Discuss the story using the following questions as a guideline:

Why does the crocodile not like water? Why is the crocodile still awake when his brothers and sisters are asleep? What do you think he will buy with his tooth fairy money? Why could he not swim underwater? Why did the crocodile sneeze fire?

Activity 2 – Search for the snails in the story (they are not on every page)

Writing – Continue writing your daily news and practicing your name

Listen to the following story called ‘Who will save the Day?’ and complete the following written activities

Code Breaker- create a code using all the letters of the alphabet and some lego/bricks, or get somebody else to create a code that you have to work out! Read the code together with someone at home once you have cracked it. Can you name the letters in each word and the create the sound it makes?

Using a book at home, look for some words you are familiar with. Can you create these in code using the bricks?


This week we will look at length. Watch the following PowerPoint all about length

Have a look at some objects around you home such as a spoon, a cereal box, a shampoo bottle, a kitchen roll holder, a book, a scarf and the leg of a table. Use some of the following to measure e.g. how many lollipop sticks/pipe cleaners/cotton buds long are they

Now, cut a piece of string (adult supervision) to whatever length you want. Complete the following activity in your home or outside

CHALLENGE: How many socks long are you? How many socks long are your family members? Who is the longest? Who is the shortest?

This week we will also look at the words one-ten. Use the following trace and write 1-10 activity to familiarize yourself with the number and number word. Can you draw the corresponding number of spots beside each number and word?

The following teddy bear game is lots of fun for those working on number recognition and those working with number words. You can select your appropriate level to work on numeral or number word up to 15.


Lets continue looking at water. This week we will investigate whether different materials are waterproof or not waterproof – this means does the material let water soak in or does it keep the water out!

Lets investigate Watch the following PowerPoint on Materials and Change

Use the attached worksheet to guess if each material will soak up water before you test it out. I wonder will your guess be correct? πŸ™‚

You have been doing loads of wonderful work on water, now you can use the sentences below to draw some pictures showing what you know about water. Once you draw the picture you can copy the sentence from the page attached to describe your picture. Can you think of any other sentences you could use to describe what you know about water?


Theme 7, When My Body Needs Special Care

Watch the PowerPoint all about ‘The Doctor’s Surgery’

Now, lets read a story about a little girl called Kate who had to visit the Doctor. Discuss the following questions


Here is a lovely song you can listen to all about water

Lets listen to the musical notes made when we gently tap some glasses with water in them (with adult supervision). Add different amounts of water to a number of glasses. You can change the colour of the water if you like by adding some food colouring. Use the same colour of water in each glass so you can see that it is the amount of water in the glass that makes the sound different, not the colour of the water! Can you listen to and describe the sound from each glass – which glass makes a higher/lower sound?


Theme 8 Jesus is still with us, Lesson 2: ‘I will send a helper’

Slideshow ‘The Wind’ – begin by chatting about the weather today. Do you think it is a windy day? Look at the slideshow below Chat about each picture using these or similar questions:

Watch the story of β€˜Pentecost’ below

Now you can create some Pentecost wind twirls and/or wind and fire streamers using paper plates and tissue/coloured paper.


Water Balloon Painting! Have some fun with this messy, outdoor activity using water balloons and paint.


Water balloons (if you want something a little more durable, use regular latex balloons), large paper roll and some washable paints

Start by filling up some water balloons. Lay paper down and secure the corners so the wind doesn’t blow the paper away. Dip the balloons in paint and get busy creating! Can you describe the different techniques like rolling, spinning, dabbing and looping the balloons to make your beautiful painting? I love to see your creations – email them to πŸ™‚


Make an obstacle course. This can be as simple or challenging as you wish, using items you have at home e.g. jump back and over a sweeping brush five times, walk in a straight line (masking tape), do five wall sits, walk like a crab, wiggle like a worm, try walking with a book balancing on you head!

Now, lets practice some hand-eye coordination with a game of balloon tennis

Can keep the balloon in the air and stop it from falling to the ground? If you do not have a racket or a fly swat, then just use your hands like volleyball πŸ™‚

Have a lovley week, Mrs Carnegie πŸ™‚