Blue 11th – 15th May

Hello class blue, it was lovely to speak to your parents last week and hear how well you are all keeping! Here are some activities for the coming week to keep you busy bee’s buzzing 🙂

Literacy –

Sing days of the week, months of the years, seasons and feelings song.

Write you daily news and read through it with a partner.

Sing alphabet song – continue recapping letter sounds and formation using jolly phonics phase 2 on Youtube and

Story – Listen to Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson on the BBC iPlayer following link.  There are shorter clips on Youtube.

Complete the following activities on the story:

Lets play hot seat! Can you pretend to be the snail on the adventure and answer the following questions: How did you feel before you left? Where did you go? What was your favourite place? Why? Was it as dangerous as you thought? Were you scared when the sea was so rough?

Lamh – Log onto for free and open access to Lamh signs online until 31st May. This resource has videos of all Lamh signs, including timely signs like Wash Hands, Space, Hot, Clean, Doctor. Listen to the colour song to practice your lamh signs 

Numeracy –

This week we will look at the vocabulary of spatial relations and appropriate vocabulary to describe position. Watch the following PowerPoint “Where is teddy?”

Look at vocabulary such as above, below, beside, under, over, on, in, in front of, behind, between. Use the following activity to experiment with these different words. Listen to instructions when asked to put the figure in a certain place.

Have a look at this space themed interactive poster. When clicked, each interactive hotspot reveals a preposition within a sentence to describe the position of the aliens. Can you describe the position of the aliens before you click

Complete the activity below. Can you listen to the following instructions and draw?If you are unable to print, draw the picture on an 4 piece of paper.

For those who are working on colour recognition, the following activity is a fun way to practice visual sequential memory as well as practicing colour recognition. You will need to watch carefully as your partner places four coloured objects in a baking/bun tray and then covers them. Can you place the same coloured objects in the tray? Can you line them up in the same order? What colours did you use?

P.E. –

Play the position movement game on the file attached


This week we will be learning about water and where it comes from (see PowerPoint below).

Make a What Water is Used for Poster. You can write words, sentences, draw pictures, cut and stick pictures from magazines, take pictures in your home or outside of what you use water for. I’d love you to send me a picture of your poster to

Here is a fun science experiment with some washable markers and water

Complete the water is all around us worksheet attached. Look at each picture and discuss what is happening. Read the four sentences and decide which sentence describes each picture.

World of Water – Can you find all the water related items in this poster and answer the following questions attached in the document below the poster?


Link with the Snail and the Whale story. Focus on feelings and emotions and discuss how the snail and the whale felt at different times.

Religion –

Grow in love Theme 8: Jesus is Still with Us, Lesson 1: I am with you always. Read the story Ms Nolan’s Last Day and check for understanding using the questions below the story. Recall the story of Jesus’Passion, death and Resurrection using the slideshow – chat about each picture. Complete Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down follow up activity on times Jesus is with us. (Grow In Love online, First Class)


Follow the link for step by step instructions to create your own snails 🙂

Music –

Have some fun creating music with this virtual piano. Click, touch or play with the computer keyboard. Change the sound using the arrows and the octave using the plus and minus buttons. How did the sound change? Was it higher or lower? You can also play back or teach yourself a selection of tunes using the dropdown. Mrs Carnegie had loads of fun with this! 🙂

Have a lovely week and if you have any queries or would like to send me some pictures of you or your work, please email 🙂

Mrs Carnegie