Blasket- 5th – 8th May.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday Monday. Parents check emails for English reading….


We are going to recap on weight this week. Look at the photographs and find items in your house which are lighter than 1kg. Make a poster with the title LIGHTER THAN 1KG paste the items using the packaging or draw them. Weigh the items if you have scales to check.

Lighter than 1kg.
Heavier than 1kg.

Send me pictures of your posters Lighter than / heavier than 1kg.

Science / Geog – From your garden or on your 2k walk collect some wildflowers, buttercups, daisy & dandelion. Look at the picture to identify the flowers.

Dandelion & daisy

Draw the flowers, label the stem and the petals. The stem is the green stalk part of the plant and the petals are the leaves. Focus on the colour of the petals of the flowers.

English This week we are reading BigCat books. You have two books to read for the week and 2 activities, click on the link and pick your colour.

Your book colour will be stated on the email.

PE – log in to Joe wicks The bodycoach live at 9am Mon-Fri.

RE – May month of Mary, watch the powerpoint and create may Altar using your flowers gathered in Science.

SPHE – Mrs ward has posted postcards which are free for you to post. Your task this week is to write a postcard or draw a picture on it for someone you miss, your granny, uncle, cousin or friend.

Write or draw a picture.


Draw a picture of how I feel and a picture of my family if you cannot access the link.