This week I want you to use your food leaflets from your supermarket to look at food. Please collect and keep these at home as we will be looking at food groups next week and you can use them again. Sit with a family member and select 5 healthy foods and 5 unhealthy foods. Unhealthy foods are foods high in sugar or fat which should only be eaten as a treat. watch the healthy eating power point sent in the email.

CSPE – Role of Gardaí

Discuss what role the Gardaí plays in society. Look at the resource to help you. The links will be in your email.


Revision of 2d & 3d shapes. Look at the shapes below and find them in your house and outside. Your maths trail booklet will be in your email. Enjoy your shape hunt!!!!

You will also be invited to look for shapes which tesselate, which fit together to make a pattern, you could look at the tiles on your wall or floor or your wooden floor. If your house is made of bricks, this is also a good example of how the bricks fit together or tessellate.

Tessellations, these shapes fit together to make a pattern.

Individual work on Numbers 1-20 & multiplication will be emailed to you.

History — continue with the time capsule book, complete the page how things have changed in the world and your local area. discuss how you are connecting with others.

Theme – Irish Trees ( GEOG SCIENCE )

To finish off on our Irish flowers module I have attached a hunt and find wildflower sheet, you can tick off the flowers you have found.

We are going to look at Irish trees this week, we will focus on the Sycamore and the Oak trees.

The Sycamore leaf has 5 parts, the middle leaf is the biggest.


The oak leaf has 3 leaves and curved edges. The leaves are quite small.

Try to draw the leaves. If you spot any leaf pick one or two and use crayons to create leaf rubbings of the leaves, use different colours to experiment.

English – your individual work will be emailed to you. Don’t forget your oral language sheets, the farm and the Gardaí.

RE – we are in the last week of May, please revise the 2 prayers Hail Mary & Memorarie.

PE – Over the next 2 weeks I want you to try the Zumba link and the yoga link. see which one you prefer . we really enjoyed Zumba with Ira earlier in the year. Let me know how you get on and which you like. yoga

zumba zumba