Blasket 18th -22nd May


To begin discuss full , empty, half full, with your child. establish if they understand which bottle is full of milk, half full and empty. Watch the which holds more powerpoint. Complete the full and empty worksheets and bingo game emailed to have a bit of fun.

empty half full full

Next talk about containers or bottles in your house which hold a small quantity of liquid. Look at the pictures to illustrate. Remember this fact 1,000ml is the same as 1 litre.

100ml or under

Next look at items which hold a medium amount of liquid. over300ml up to 1 litre.


Last , look at bottles which hold more than 1 litre of liquid.

Make up 3 posters ,

one of labels of containers which hold less than 100ml, small amount of liquid

one which holds 300ml up to 1 litre

on which holds more than 2 litres.

If your child has the concept of 1,00ml = 1 litre , check your email for measuring in ml work.



SPHE Click on the link to listen to the you tube audio on relaxation techniques

PE Try this Zumba link. we had freat fun in November & December with Ira.

PROJECT IRISH PLANTS – This week we are focusing on the functions of the plant. Check the SCIENCE experiment webpage put up on Fri. Try to do it if you have all the equipment. Write up the experiment including the equipment you used and each stage. PLEASE PLEASE send me your photographs……

WATCH the powerpoint on the parts of the plant on your email. Complete labelling parts of the plant and worksheet.

RE — Month of Mary , say the Memorarie


English – Write up your experiment using words or pictures. Read 2 books and complete online activities, your child’s level is on the email. Complete the oral language activity and writing in the email.

History & CSPE– In your Timecapsule booklet write or draw pictures or use pictures from magazines or newspapers to represent the fun things you are doing to keep busy during your time at home.