Blasket 11th-15th May

SPHE – Watch out for the post this week, you never know what you could receive.

Draw a picture of your superhero. GREAT PRIZES €€€€… Check your email for the link.

Watch the youtube channel on how to keep active and connected

Maths – check your emails for individual number work…. We are going to revise length. I want you to look at the photographs and draw your own posters using the 3 different sizes. Use the language longest, longer than, shortest , shorter than with your child. If you have a ruler and metre stick please measure the items and record them on your poster.

Less than 15cm.
More than 15cm less than 1m
More than 1m.


During the month of Mary , say the Hail Mary

History- Hands & Paws. Trace around the hands of all your family members or do handprints. Don’t forget the paws of pets. Do on a blank page if you can’t print the booklet.

Science- Irish plants – on your 2km walk/exercise look out for nettles, bluebells & red nettles. I have spotted bluebells on my 2km route. Aren’t they lovely?

red nettle

Last week you drew the daisy, dandelion & buttercup, this week I want you to draw one of the plants you found.

Next, I want you to look at the power point of parts of a plant, roots, stem , leaf, petals.

Next, complete the putting a flower together activity worksheet

Finally label the parts of a plant activity

Next week we will be doing an experiment so if you could get an adult to have food colouring a glass and a freshly cut white flower for you to join in with me. If you don’t that is also ok!!!!!

English– log on to the online reading, check your email for your child level and books and log in password.

JCSP challenge – Write about A Day in the life of a young person in Ireland in 2020 OR write a caption and draw a picture of your typical day. Check your emails with the link and details.

GREAT PRIZES!!!! Don’t forget to email me at with your entries…..

Take care. Geraldine McCabe