Tue 5th – Fri 8th June

Enjoy your Bank Holiday Monday. DAY OFF FROM SCHOOL WORK

If your out for your walk, keep a look out for the trees: sycamore and oak trees from last week, this week we are doing chestnut and beech trees. Use your time outside to finish your 2D / 3D math trail.

Theme -TREES Science / Geog

Look at the Irish trees powerpoint.

Look out for the Horse chestnut & Beech leaves

Beech leaves

Horse chestnut

If you find any of the leaves, make leaf rubbings with the leaf using crayons AND draw a picture of the outline of the tree . Look at the document attached to the email titled ‘ Tree,leaf,& tree outline’ to assist in drawing the outline of the trees. Look at the document titled ‘ Leaf ID sheet’ , tick off each leaf as you find them. Enjoy your tree hunt. I went on my hunt and did the leaf rubbings. TAKE A LOOK


Look at the Healthy Eating powerpoint ‘ emailed. Focus on naming the foods in each food group displayed on powerpoint. Use the document emailed ‘Name food groups’ and cut out foods and match to the food groups. If you cannot print out then use foods from your supermarket catalogues and make food groups on separate pages and cut out food and stick onto pages. Finally, I want you to do the fruit and veg sorting activity, use the document ‘ Fruit/veg cut & sort activity. ‘


Complete the 2D &3D math trail. take some pictures of your discoveries and email them to me at Your number work will be in email.


Next 5 words in DOLCH list, oral language topics – Train station & Garden. Reading & other activities in email.

PE Try again the 2 options Zumba or yoga..

HISTORY CSPE – Isolation Book – Fill in details ‘ All about me’ using words or pictures from magazines.

RE Health & wellbeing – ISOLATION BOOK Complete the Circle Art and use words or pictures from magazines to illustrate what you are grateful for.