A Little Bit of Music!!

Hello Artists

Hi children.

I hope you are all looking after yourselves and keeping well .We can use this extra time to practice some wonderful art work at home.

For Dalkey and Inishturk all you need is a pencil and paper for a lovely self portraits:


For Blasket and Inishbofin some nice drawing tutorials on shoes

Gola can keep on top of their drawing skills with the above lovely tutorial and the link below is also lovely for sunflowers drawing,


Rathlin can have some fun with the following link


PLease e mail me your wonderful work at sswords@stbrigids.net .I look forward to hearing from you all .👍


For Steven and Penuel and Séanadh, they can practice various spelling rules using the different game options. make sure to view the word list, listen to the word, listen to the word in a sentence and listen to the word segmented. https://spellingframe.co.uk/

  • click on year 1
  • there are 47 spelling rules to play with. start on spelling rule 1.
  • click on play
  • click on spelling tiles
  • click on view words
  • (listen to) word, sentence and segment
  • click on back
  • choose a game to play.

Good Luck Steven, Séanadh and Penuel!

Sorrell, Michael, Cynthia and Jayden you will practice the following spelling list using the activities underneath.

Pin on Word Work
Rainbow writing
15 Ways to Make Learning Sight Words Fun (and won't take you half ...
use chalk to write them on the ground
Practicing Sight Words With a Salt Tray - Mama.Papa.Bubba.
trace words in salt
Shaving cream writing - learning through sensory play
use shaving foam
Spelling activities with building blocks | Learning Fun | Mas & Pas
if you have lego you can do lego spelling
Sight Words Kindergarten Activities, Printables and Worksheets ...
if you have magnets you can spell the words on the fridge
Live, Love, Laugh and Teach!: Spelling/Sight Word Practice Part 3 ...
Paint in A Zip lock bag spelling
Naidoc inspired dot painting Spelling words. Creative Literacy ...
spell the words using dot painting

Adriel and Philip can do the above activities but practice writing their names, family member’s names or letters of the alphabet.

Class Green

Hi Everyone Hope you are all well . Here is some work for Class Green for the coming week .

Group 1 :Writing

Practice writing lower case letters of the alphabet . Copy the letters under an adult’s writing .

Practice writing the days of the week .

Write 5 sentences of news each day with the help of a parent or sibling .

.Maths : Use the website Topmarks for practice with number work ,counting and sequences

Practice counting to 20 with objects and toys . Do simple addition to 10 using counters . 2+4= 3+2=

Practice telling the time to the hour using the kitchen clock . Draw your own clock with a yogurt carton and fill in the numbers .

Art : Make an Easter card for someone in your family

Group 2:

English : Continue to do a page of your spelling workbook each day .Learn the 15 spellings and ask an adult to give you a test each Friday . For those children on English workbooks, do a page each night. Practice alphabetical order . Write the 26 letters of the alphabet out in a row and write 6 selected words in alphabetical order . Write 5 lines of news each day .

Maths : Practice counting in 4’s . Write out the 4 times tables( 4×1= 4×2=4×3= and practice simple multiplication sums with numbers to 20 15×4= 17×4= Practice telling the time to the hour and the half hour using the kitchen clock . Use the website Topmarks for practice in addition and multiplication .

Art : Make an Easter card for a family member .

Have fun . Stay safe . M Daly

Reading Books

You can avail of this free Big Cat Collins ebooks and worksheets

To access free Collins Big Cat ebooks Access 330+ free ebooks from their primary reading programme Go to Collins Connect and click on the Teacher portal and enter:

Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Password: Parents20! and click Login.

The orange circle next to the green magnifying glass at the bottoms of the task bar (see picture above) provides a small activity on key story words at the end of each book. The children can match each word to the correct picture by joining the dots.

Our Work- Creative Challenge Week 1

Hi Everyone! We are delighted to be up and running with our weekly Creative Challenges and starting to receive some wonderful entries. Here we share some of the highlights from our Week 1 challenge which saw our students getting creative with their Photography and Visual Art.

We can’t wait to see what comes in for our Week Two challenge. Keep an eye on our Creative blog and keep sending those Masterpieces in to Aisling at ideasforhome2020@stbrigids.net

The Ark at Home

Great news! The Ark cultural centre for children are beginning a series of ‘at home’ screenings and events. First up, tomorrow its ‘The Haircut’ which was a hit production at last years Dublin Theatre Festival and now for 24 hours only from tomorrow at 12pm (Thursday 2nd April) you can watch it live in your living room! Details here: https://ark.ie/season/the-ark-at-home You might like to watch ‘The Haircut’ and tell us what you thought about it for the Creative Critic challenge this week! You can watch the show trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyOIb9TX0gc&feature=emb_title

Labhraidh Loingseach has a secret. He wears his hair long and he has it cut only once a year. Once a year on the same night in the same place and in the same style. But never by the same barber. Recommended Ages 8+

The Haircut is a cautionary tale with a live musical soundtrack. 

The Haircut is a fairytale remixed and retold.

Good morning ..its pizza day!!

Hope you are keeping well and taking a little bit of exercise and fresh air a few times each day.It is also very important to exercise your mind and look after your mind. Here is a little exercise Id like you to try to keep your mind exercised!click here to listen to it. Don,t worry if you cant do it,It takes a few times !

Lets get cooking….

Click here to make a virtual pizza today.

REMEMBER keep doing your little tasks around the house.See previous posts for the list.

If the bin needs taking out make sure the hands are covered or washed immediately afterwards.