ART: Inisbofin and Dalkey


Hi Folks

Hope you are doing well . I would like you all this week to have a look at the the work of Vincent Van Gogh . Vincent is probably the most famous artist in the world and has created masterpieces such as ‘Starry Night’, , ‘Sunflowers’, ‘Vincents Room’ and many more .He did over 35 self portraits in his life time .He may be described as an expressive artists using colour and line to express how he was feeling . He died at the age of 37 selling only one painting in his life time. Nowadays his paintings are worth millionsi In fact his painting of ‘Dr.Gachet’ sold in 1990 for $82.5 million .PLease watch the following presentations on Vincent and then you can do your own version of one of his many paintings .I will leave the choice up to you . I also provide a link ( The First link below ) that provides a short class on one of his self portraits .Maybe watch the other presentations first . !

try this

And these are the links to watch : this is an excellent cartoon on Van Gogh

and this one

So please enjoy learning about one of my favourite artists and have a good week !