ART CLASS 11 and 12 May

Hi kids ,

I hope you are all well . Last week we covered the artist Vincent van Gogh . I am so looking forward to viewing the wonderful masterpieces you have created .Whenever you get the chance please e mail them in to

I am very busy trying to generate ideas for the St, Brigids annual art exhibition and I really need your help with this. We will certainly be using the exhibition to help process our feelings about this pandemic. I would really like it if you e forward me some photographs or writing on what you are doing during lock down. Please take the photographs yourself and you can get help forwarding them to the below e mail address.

This lock down will hopefully relax in the coming weeks so I think its important to take a moment and document what the covid 19 virus and/or lock down means for you . What do you miss most … friends ,school, cinema , hugs from granny, weekends away ? Are you sick of washing your hands , social distancing , staying at home . Or maybe you are enjoying the whole lock down and don’t want to come out of it . Are you relaxing at home or enjoying , baking , cooking , gardening . ?¬† Is there anyone¬† you would like to be in isolation with? Please send me some photos or some written work/words even to help me with our exhibition preparations .Its down to you now to help me curate the show…. all ideas gladly welcomed!!!!

I am going to post a link here to an artist Frida Kahlo who was Mexican and was bed ridden as a result of a tram accident. She used this time to draw and paint and became one of the worlds most famous female artists. …a very inspiring person. Please look at the short films


and this link

Can you please create a piece of art work inspired by the work or style of work of Frida Kahlo.

Thats all for now . Rememer to e mail any visuals or attachments to

Thanks again

Ms Swords