April 27th – Class Green

Welcome everyone. Hope your time at home is going well. Here is some work for this week. Maths

This week we are going to talk about capacity.

Group 1: This week we are going to learn new words like: full, nearly, empty, holds more, holds less. Fill some containers of various sizes with water or sand. Use smaller containers to fill larger containers. How many cups fill the jug? Is the jug full or empty? Is it nearly full?  Which holds more – A jug or a cup?  Have fun!

Group 2:    Let’s talk about capacity using standard units like the litre. Collect litre containers of different shapes and sizes. A litre of juice, of milk. Check the capacity by pouring one into the other.  Start with a litre of milk . Wash it out and see how many cups you can fill from the litre container full of water. Use different shape cups. Make a selection of bottles and look at the labels and see what they contain. Compare different cups and see what they contain even though they are different shapes. Have fun!!


 Group 1: Last week we were talking about homes and houses near us this week when we are out walking lets look at materials used to build houses. Are the houses near you made from brick? Is there some wood as part of the walls? Count the windows in the houses near you. What colour is your front door? Is there a number on your door? Can you see any garages when you are out for a walk?

Group 2: If you are in a town let’s looking at terrace of houses when you are out for a walk or a drive this week. See how many houses are in the terrace and see if they are sometimes built with red brick?  Are they any garages beside the houses in a terrace? Can you see the name of the terrace on a wall? Talk about what it’s like living in a terrace why are terraces built in towns and cities?


Listen to the song about shapes. See can you name the shapes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2jdZ46nK-M

Listen to this song about Spring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdBbBZkITxA

Group 1: Don’t forget to keep practising writing your name and some sentences about what you are doing at home.

Group 2: Keep up the good work in your spelling workbooks. Hope your spelling tests are going well for you all.