22nd – 30th June

Last week of Summer term!!!! Look at our sports challenge page. Take part, have fun and send the photos to gmccabe@stbrigids.net


Look at the water safety slideshow – beaches p13-17, boats, p18-20 and river /waterways p20-23 https://online.flowpaper.com/7efd0784/PAWS4ENGLISHWEB/#page=1

Have a look at the interactive games and see how you go http://paws.edco.ie/fifth-and-sixth-classes/

Look at the slideshow sent in the email, point out to your child the flags on the beach and where it is safe to swim.

Complete the water safety worksheets sent in the email.

PE well being

Take part in the sports challenges this week or if you liked the pilates go on ahead and complete session 3


STEM CHALLENGES Keeping with the theme of water, I challenge you to make and design a boat which won’t sink

Have a go , use recycled materials at home.

ISOLATION BOOK – History / CSPE / well being.

This was posted out to you weeks ago. Complete the FAMILY OLYMPICS DREAM TEAM

Celebrate the little things.

Hey you , colour in.

Ask yur child, which would you rather question game. Its good fun!!

My School Fact File – Lets see if you can remember the names!!!


Listen to the song and fill in the facts about Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.https://www.google.com/search?q=youtube+planet+songs&ie=&oe=

Complete the cut out activity for the planets.

ENGLISH complete the oral language , reading and worksheets in the email.

MATHS Complete the maths in the email.