? ✏️ Using our skills to make a model ? house. ? ✂️

Can you spot a few new friends in the photo above that are helping today?

Good morning all. How are you getting on with this project? I look forward to your photos & feedback. It can be a little tricky making sure to get the measuring / marking out right before cutting out. Another idea that we have used in class is to carefully make the first section and then use it as a template to trace around. The overall size for the roof is 160 x 200 mm

Excellent work ✔️

As you can see my model looks ? more like a shed at the moment! Can you see what may be stored inside? We will add doors, windows etc later. I need you to be thinking about what you would like to see in / on your own house. Don’t forget about the environment when planning ?

This pic gives a better view of my model so far. ?

Excellent work and remember to send in those photos and feedback. Enjoy the weekend & stay safe you can always play a round of our game ? ?

Good luck.