?. Thinking & Planning ?

Good morning all, hope all is well as we continue to settle into this new normal. Very well done on the game project and please send in your pictures & auto feeds. I hope you had a good laugh with it over the long weekend. ??

Now the plan is to move on with a new project. Thinking and planning, so that everyone will be able to make at least one or more attempts, which does take effort from within. ?

It is good practice to have a think about what we are going to do next. What materials we need & where would be a good place to set up our work station.

As you can see from my picture above we are going to use old cereal card and kitchen roll tubes to make our next project model. REMEMBER THIS IS STUFF THAT SHOULD NORMALLY GO INTO THE GREEN COMPOST BIN ?. Good work for the green school planning ✔️

The plan at this stage is to practice our measuring / drawing skills that will lead to us drawing ? ? & cutting ✂️ out shapes that will form a model house.

We are going to need a few cereal boxes or you may be able to use a shoe box that can be up cycled?. Have a ? and get yourself organized with the materials and tools required ?. When ready stand up, sit down twice & use your right hand to give yourself a pat on the back ?. There will be more detailed instructions to follow. Good luck.